The 4 Most Innovative Korean Restaurants in NYC

In recent years, the boom of diverse Korean restaurants has been expanding throughout the New York City boroughs to reflect the how the cuisine is experimenting new styles. While BBQ still remains the main attraction for foodies in NYC, restaurants owners and chefs alike have made serious strides to generate a new client base which moves past traditional dishes.

There is no doubt that amidst the culinary innovation in the five boroughs, the Korean restaurant scene is definitely at its peak. The below list contains the top Korean restaurants in NYC.

Jongro BBQ

Although Jongro BBQ is located in an ordinary office building in Koreatown, locals and tourists flock to sample their affordable ten dollar lunch specials which include dishes such as grilled meats, fish, and stew along with banchan (staple sides with every meal). Though a little more cost wise, one incredible dish to try if you’re in the mood for marinated short rib is kalbi which is a BBQ classic. If you are not necessarily in the mood for meat, be sure to try the cold noodles.

Her Name is Han

The go-to Korean comfort food spot in New York City and serves classics such as fire-grilled, crunchy bulgogi. Served in a piping hot clay pot with vegetables covered in sweet sauce, bulgogi is the perfect dish to indulge after a long day at the office or even in terms of splurging. Other incredible dishes to try include rice cakes with peppers and kabocha, which is a winter squash.


kalbiBrasserie Seoul

Brasserie Seoul uniquely blends French influence alongside both modern and traditional Korean cuisine. Some interesting options on the menu include, but are not limited to, banana split, chicken noodle soup,  and a burger topped with guacamole. Brasserie Seoul also serves the traditional marinated short rib (kalbi) presented on a sizzling stone plate and served with a side of roasted shishito peppers for around thirty dollars. Many visitors also highly recommend the $35 surf and turf that includes spicy king crab and kimchi salad, which is absolutely delicious.


Although far away from the hustle and bustle of K-Town, Insa offers each visitor a very special experience. However, unlike some of the other restaurants on this list, Insa is a bit pricier and unique in nature. With the barbecue a little on the pricier side, it is fit for a special occasion or for an even more upscale event. The soondae (blood sausage) in particular is quite delicious.