NYC’s Most Delicious Dessert Shops

Along with the endless fine dining restaurants, ice cream parlors and specialty shops across New York City’s five boroughs, desserts also have a special place in New Yorkers’ hearts. While Manhattan has its fair share of delicious dessert shops, Brooklyn should not be forgotten in any way possible. Below is a simple guide to try Brooklyn’s very own incredible doughnut and waffle shops that continue to entice locals, tourists and dessert lovers from across the world.

There are millions of donut shops in the United States, but Dough has to be one of the very best. Located in Bed-Stuy, Dough was founded six years ago by chef, Fanny Gerson, and has been creating even more delicious donuts since then. Inspired by her mixed cultural Mexican and European backgrounds, Fanny is constantly reinventing how her customers engage with her product through constant creativity in the kitchen.

While Dough has endless flavors to please any palate, some interesting donuts that visitors should take the time to try include the fragrant passion fruit, classic plain glazed, and the french inspired apple beignet which is without a doubt a house staple. Some other crowd favorites include salted chocolate, caramel, cafe au lait, and rich flavored toasted coconut.

dulce de leche donutAnother new addition to Dough’s menu is what is called a “doughkas,” which is their new creative take on the middle eastern pastry called Babka. Made in three signature flavors such as Lemon-Olive Oil, Mexican Chocolate, and Sticky Banana, it is clear that this speciality donut store is constantly reinventing the ways in which they approach this classic dessert or breakfast food.

Although this shop has several locations across the New York City area, be sure to visit this particular location to experience the variety of flavors they have to offer customers.

A novel way to consume or view a waffle, “sweet waffles” are a local favorite in Hong Kong, which has recently made its way to the hearts of New Yorkers. Wowfulls is the brain-child of a few friends in their twenties who wanted to bring authentic 1950s style Hong Kong waffles to the New York City area.

These Hong Kong treats are crispy on the outside, while having a soft, sugary bite that brings people from all corners of New York City to either their Smorgasbord or Prospect Park locations during the weekend.

The waffles resemble a honeycomb with bubbles in the middle and are served with different flavours of ice cream and an assortment of toppings. Some of their signature flavors include the original, chocolate, and the matcha green tea. A crowd favorite, the Matcha Green Tea also has ice cream topped with Mochi and green tea Pocky.