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4 Shifts In The Dynamic World of Marketing

Entertainment and media are always changing, and with these changes, we notice that many are documenting and tracking the incredible shift in trends. Healthcare, retail, and entertainment are experiencing a digital transformation that’s altering the way we communicate, connect, and consume product-enabled technology. Forbes reports, we binge watch, but we also binge buy and quickly make health decisions thanks to available… Read more →

3 Crucial Tips to Undergo a Brand Facelift and Market to the Masses

Refreshing your company brand is sometimes necessary. Companies can drift out of the spotlight and become obsolete if the brand is not kept current. But companies refreshing their brands must realize that there’s more to it than uploading a new logo or changing the website. Here’s how to maximize the effectiveness of a brand facelift:   Enact Company-Wide Changes No… Read more →

10 Trends That Will Transform Digital Marketing

The quickly-shifting landscape of the Internet has been influencing the way that products are marketed and sold for as long as the Web has existed. Here’s what to expect looking forward.   Brands become more consumer-centric Companies can be described as employee-, shareholder-, or consumer-centric brands. The first is primarily concerned with the well-being of its employees; the second primarily… Read more →

Facebook to Begin Sharing Ad Revenue

More than a decade after its launch, Youtube seems to finally have encountered a formidable competitor in the form of Facebook. The social media behemoth has announced that is going to start sharing advertising revenue with video creators such as Fox Sports, the NBA, and even Funny or die. This marks the first time Facebook has introduced an initiative such… Read more →