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NY & NJ: Filipino Restaurant Week 2017

  May 15th to 22nd marks the third anniversary of Filipino Restaurant Week, which will serve incredible three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner, with an average price of $20. Food items on the menu range from informal street dishes to family favorites, and there is no doubt that you won’t find a meal that you will absolutely love. Dishes on… Read more →

NYC’s Most Delicious Dessert Shops

Along with the endless fine dining restaurants, ice cream parlors and specialty shops across New York City’s five boroughs, desserts also have a special place in New Yorkers’ hearts. While Manhattan has its fair share of delicious dessert shops, Brooklyn should not be forgotten in any way possible. Below is a simple guide to try Brooklyn’s very own incredible doughnut… Read more →

Top 3 Ice Cream Shops in New York City

1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Located on the DUMBO waterfront overlooking Manhattan’s skyline, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (which is located in an old boat post), is without a doubt the perfect first stop to visit. Sticking to traditional roots, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory’s menu is simple and traditional, with the menu consisting of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla,… Read more →