Most Affordable Michelin-Rated Spots in NYC


Italian can be quite pricey in the city, especially if it’s at a top restaurant such as Carbone where staples like veal parm could be around fifty-eight dollars, but believe it or not, there is a way to work around spending that much money on simply one entree. Located in Soho, this upscale Italian restaurant can prove to be an affordable place to dine if you and a friend decide order dishes that you can share. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, it is actually possible to order an app such as a salad, along with a pasta dish such as spicy rigatoni so that each diner can eat well, without breaking the budget you had reserved for eating out that particular week.

korean omelette


Located in Tribeca, this diverse Korean spot has had diners craft their very own tasting of Chef Jung Sik Yim’s modern Korean cooking which essentially incorporates older methods or practices of traditional Korean cooking, while pairing it with some modern techniques. The combination of the old and the new have both been drawing customers in year after year, with each individual raving about a new culinary experience they have had at this Korean treasure. With small portions ranging between $16 and $38 , you can order one dish from every category (appetizer, rice, seafood, meat, and dessert), which is definitely a bargain to say the least. If you order a few large or small dishes, you can save a fair amount of money splitting the bill with your date while also having some spare change to grab an ice cream or two.

At $48 for two courses, lunch at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Central Park is so affordable that it almost seems like it’s far too good to be true. Instead of a dinner at a fancy French restaurant that can easily rack up around one-hundred thirty dollars or more, you can taste some of the finest french dishes for around half the price with tip. Luxurious dishes offered at this French restaurant include yellowfin tuna ribbons or Jean’s signature foie gras brulée, which is a delicatessen that is prevalent throughout various regions in France, particularly in regards to special markets dedicated to this dish in outdoor Parisian markets.