Winter Excitement In NYC

Though it may not be especially appealing for a tourist to go about and sightsee a city in the winter, I would have to argue that New York City should definitely be the ultimate exception to this rule. Even if you have already visited the below places once or multiple times, it’s fair to assume that once revisited, it can easily add something special to your experience this time around. Whether you saw a Broadway show or dined the popular Mexican restaurant called La Ofrenda in Greenwich Village, each time you revisit these places you able to find more reasons to be infatuated with the greatest city in the world. Once you have mustered up enough courage to head out into New York City during the occasional brutal cold, there are some sights that even local city goers enjoy partaking even amidst the snow.


Katz’s Deli

Known as the prime meeting spot in the 80’s comedy film “When Harry Met Sally,” this famous deli in the lower East Side is absolutely perfect for some tasty comfort food anytime of year. Famous for their juicy pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, this local spot will always reign top 5 delis in the big apple, regardless of which New Yorker you ask. With this iconic restaurant expanding to downtown Brooklyn as a vendor at DeKalb City Hall in City Point, this historical mark in the establishment’s history signifies the first time Katz’s has expanded since it was founded back in 1917.


katz deli


Times Square

Arguably one of the most iconic sights in New York City, Times Square still prevails as the top place to experience electrifying billboards of the most famous brands of the country. Known as the year where the New Year’s Eve ball drop occurs, this top sightseeing spot got its start as as the central commercial part of the carriage industry in the last 19th century well before the industrialization of lower manhattan. Within walking distance to every major Broadway theater known to the industry, a quick walk from Times Square is an excellent starting point to experience the most electrifying lights in the city that truly never sleeps.

times square

One World Observatory

Opened after the release of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, which is also a place where every visitor or local should visit, the top of One World Observatory gives everyone a fresh pair of eyes in order to see NYC from a brand new perspective from the financial district. Although it is ideal to rise to the top of the observatory during sunset, it is absolutely stunning either during the day or at night. With clear views of the city’s timeless skyline, this breathtaking aerial view will truly make you feel as if you are on top of the world and you’ll never want to leave.

one world observatory

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