Downtown Culture: Wall Street Steakhouses

The history of Wall Street can be perceived as a culture encompassing everything that reaffirms New York City’s high energy: hard work, high stress and the ability to enjoy the finer things that are dispersed throughout the island. Known as the oldest part of Manhattan with European settler such as the Spanish and Dutch claiming areas such as the cobblestone Stone Street in the mid 16 hundreds, it is no surprise that tourists flock to this district famous for their all-American steakhouses.

Bobby Van’s
25 Broad Street
Bobby Van’s Steakhouse NYC, is a formal dining establishment on 25 broad street, with a historic location that continues to awe Wall street business people, tourists and locals with its authentic, all-American that dates back to lobby of the old JP Morgan Bank, while the more casual Vault Grill is below in JP Morgan’s antique bank vaults. A few delicious entrees that have marked this establishment as a local restaurant with a wide customer base are the juicy 12 oz NY sirloin steak, the Colorado lamb chops accompanied by mint jelly and the savory, tangy Steak Gorgonzola for meat lovers interested in a cheese flavor.


56 Beaver St
Another New York classic which first opened in 1837, this historical steakhouse is still considered one of New York City’s finest restaurant establishments with specialities ranging from Chicken a la King to more brunch type dishes such as Eggs Benedict. As for steaks, the signature entree dish that continues to bring in locals who work in the area along with tourists, is the highly acclaimed Delmonico steak, which is their vintage all natural ribeye. A couple other dishes that are definitely worth trying or sharing are the Prime New York Strip and the Double Porterhouse, which is an all natural dry aged short loin steak.

Reserve Cut

40 Broad St., 2nd Level
Owner of both the butcher shop called “The Prime Cut” and the delicious steakhouse “Reserve Cut,” Albert Allaham continues to serve top quality meats along with the finest spices and marinades to advance his establishment as a forward-thinking, creative restaurant that isn’t afraid to branch out. Coming from a long line of butchers dating back around two-hundred years in Syria, he continues to maintain his deep-rooted, traditional practices while also creating a culinary environment that focuses on innovation. All the steaks on the dinner menu are dry-aged for 36 days in their private room, so whichever steak you order, it will be flavorful that you will most likely have no room for disappointment.