Top All-American Landmarks in New York City

Empire State Building
The most iconic office building in Manhattan, the Empire State Building represents a new era of New York City architecture focused on the geometric shapes linked to the Art Deco movement. The architecture of the Empire State Building highlights the typical aesthetic qualities of pre-world WWII design, reaffirming its symbolic meaning as a key patriotic landmark during one of the darkest times in our nation’s history.

For over forty years after this icon was built, it maintained its reign as the highest skyscraper not only in the United States, but also the world. As an American representation of innovation, commerce and authenticity, this midtown Manhattan architectural masterpiece is still treasured by New Yorkers from every borough.

fraunces tavernFraunces Tavern
Arguably the most important historic restaurant connected to early American history, Fraunces Tavern signifies a common meeting place where one of our founding fathers, George Washington, was often found drinking a pint or gathering with other important political figures. Contrary to popular belief, this tavern is actually open for the public to explore.

After successfully claiming independence and breaking ties with the English crown in late 1783, Fraunces Tavern was the exact location George Washington himself retired from the public eye. Located at 54 Pearl Street, any avid American history reader can experience the restaurant, bar and museum through the eyes of George Washington himself. Even if American history is not necessarily an area you would like to pursue on your day off, feel free to enjoy their delicious food or their craft beers to experience a less touristy spot in the city.

Grand Army Plaza
Comprising of the northern corner along with the main entrance of Prospect Park, this beautifully designed public area by Calvert Vaux is one of the oldest nature areas in New York City. Calvert Vaux worked with Frederick Law Olmsted to design a unique park that somewhat differed from his first project (Central Park).

Similar to the Arc De Triomphe facing Champ Elysees in Paris, the Sailors’ Memorial Arch is a historic symbol honoring the soldiers who perished during the civil war. An ode to New York City, the Grand Army Plaza also pays tribute to a wide array of notable American political figures such as John F. Kennedy, Ulysses S. Grant and Abraham Lincoln.

Statue of Liberty
Perfectly crafted by French artists Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustave Eiffel, this French present given to the United States in 1886 continues to represent universal freedom and democracy. Often perceived as one of the most patriotic sites in the entire continental U.S., this thirty-one ton copper sculpture is a symbolic icon in American history. Although you can no longer visit the statue’s crown, tourists and locals alike can learn how this icon attributes to changing American society.