Top 5 Thai Restaurants in NYC

thai food

New York City is the biggest (and probably the greatest) place to set foot if you’re looking to try the exquisite flavors of the world. From delicious street food, luscious bakeries, and world-class fine dining, New York City has thousands of places to eat for tourists and locals, especially when your stomach is craving to appreciate something culturally authentic. Thai food has become very popular amongst both, locals and tourists in the Big Apple. Here are the top five thai restaurants to check out in NYC.



If you’re looking for the real deal when it comes to thai food, Zabb Elee is the place to go. The name means “delicious and spicy,” and it lives true to the name. This isn’t your typical american-pad thai food. Zabb Elee offers a menu focused on the food culture of northern thailand, featuring creatively prepared meats and fish, vegetables, and sauces. Warning: you’ll find a creative mix of spices and flavors throughout each dish. If you’re in for the diversity of flavors and over the typical pad thai noodles, this place is a must-try.



If you’re looking to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for one night, taking a trip to a residential neighborhood in Queens may not be on your high priority list- unless you’re hungry. Sripraphai is known for their diverse thai food menu and attracts residents and tourists from all over. The menu offers over 120 uniquely creative dishes, but be careful what you order- you may not be able to handle the spice level of the dishes.



Authentic, home-style thai cooking is offered by this genuine restaurant. The restaurant originally opened in Bangkok, Thailand. Soon after, Thanaruek Laoraowirodge, brought the authentic cooking to New York City. In Bangkok, the restaurant tends to tone down it’s authentic cooking even to the natives of the country, but in New York’s location, there’s no such thing. Somtum Der uses original cooking styles and ingredients to allow customers the experience of real thai cooking. There’s no toning down the flavor here at Somtum Der!



Kiin, meaning “eat” is a great place to begin filling your cravings of authentic thai food. With courteous suggestions based on your eating preferences, the generous workers make it their priority to perfect the tasteful recipes and help you enjoy the experience of homestyle thai cooking (although the food will be served just the way the menu describes). The food is served in such an appealing way, that’ll will make you want to stare at it for hours before eating. You’ll feel very relaxed and comfortable in this eatery, that you won’t even complain when your spice levels are taken up to the test.



If you’re looking to experience flavor like never before, Pok Pok Ny is your go to. The restaurant features spices and ingredients that you’ve probably never tasted, such as Dawk Ngiew and TUA NAO KHAEP. This place will allow you to experience the incredibly bold flavors of Thailand’s home cooking and luxurious street food. The restaurant’s becomes pack right after it pens at 5:30pm, so be sure to get there early for an ultimate experience.