5 NYC Restaurants That Make You Feel Like You’re Elsewhere

fancy chinese restaurant nyc

New York City is famous for its gorgeous skyline, fabulous nightlife and amazing cuisine, shopping, and museum experiences. Locals and visitors are awed and inspired by all the city has to offer. Even though the city provides one of the greatest atmospheres in the world, everyone enjoys a little time away from the hustle and bustle.

Luckily, the Big Apple is home to several amazing restaurants that provide a getaway experience and allow patrons to break free from the everyday grind. Next time you’re in New York City, let the food and ambiance of one of these fabulous restaurants carry you away on your own adventure.

Locanda Verde

This Italian eatery is located in a rustic neighborhood in Greenwich. The alleyway entry, brick flooring, and warm lighting make you feel as if you’ve stepped into one of Italy’s best kept secrets. The walls are lined with bottles of fine wine adding further to the Italian vibe.

Cafe Medi

This quaint Mediterranean cafe has several locations throughout the city. The restaurant boasts some of the freshest food in town and the inside decor contributes further to cafe’s popularity. The sea foam wicker seating, detailed chandeliers, and tiled wall display invite visitors to enjoy a fresh dish and escape to the Mediterranean coast.

Blue Smoke’s Jazz Standard

This funky joint will send you back in time to the roaring 20s and the popular Jazz Era. Established in a basement location off 27th street, this speak-easy style restaurant offers live music and delicious barbecue seven nights a week. The wait staff is dressed to impress with 1920s style costume and mannerisms. The restaurant was also recently awarded “Best Jazz Club” by New York Magazine.

Diamond Horseshoe

This dining experience is one of the most exotic in all of New York. Located in the basement of the Paramount Hotel, the restaurant and night club boasts a fabulous high-class menu including lobster and steak selections. Guests will feel like they’ve landed in a fairy tale wonderland as costumed waiters and waitresses perform acrobatics throughout the meal. Diamond Horseshoe tops the list if you’re looking for dining entertainment.

Brooklyn Grange

This urban farm-to-table restaurant provides a refreshing and simple escape. The rooftop restaurant serves a large variety of fresh produce and the decor provides a relaxed, picnic-like feel. In addition, guests will be treated to a view of the city while enjoying a breath of fresh air. Guests will truly feel like they are on a country farm in the middle of the city!

These unique dining experiences are just a few of the many fun locations in New York, but they take the cake when it comes to creating an “elsewhere” experience. You won’t want to miss out on these tasty urban eateries. Add them to your bucket list today!