NY & NJ: Filipino Restaurant Week 2017

leche flan


May 15th to 22nd marks the third anniversary of Filipino Restaurant Week, which will serve incredible three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner, with an average price of $20. Food items on the menu range from informal street dishes to family favorites, and there is no doubt that you won’t find a meal that you will absolutely love. Dishes on the menu will include classic favorites such as lumpia (egg rolls), adobo (soy marinated chicken or pork) and a delicious mixed ice dessert (halo halo).

If you haven’t tried halo halo, you are truly in for a treat. This shaved ice dessert with evaporated milk, leche flan and purple yam is an interesting, some would say more unique take to the classic ice cream.

One of the favorites will without a doubt be “arroz caldo” (chicken, fish, ginger rice porridge) which is a satisfying filipino version of congee rice soup.

The owner of Lumpia Shack Snackbar and Swell Dive touched upon the importance of meeting the growing demand of Filipino food in the NY/NJ areas. “As the Filipino Food Movement grows, it is important for us to be able to showcase the finest Filipino restaurants for diners to try out or revisit old favorites with a discounted menu.”

Some non-Filipino based restaurants will participate in this restaurant week, showcasing the well versed talent of French trained and Japanese influenced chefs. The restaurant as Megu, for example, will craft its very own version of “Filipino sushi” which basically consists of tapsilog in a roll. With all these different restaurants coming together to celebrate Filipino, it is impossible to not try some delicious food at this annual festival.


Please see below for some participating restaurants in the NYC area:





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