The Must-See Museums of NYC

While the mention of art may evoke thoughts of European cities such as Paris, Rome, or Madrid, the museums in New York City are certainly nothing to scoff at. The city boasts some of the most famous museums in the world such as the Met and the MOMA. However, you may find that the smaller, lesser-known establishments may offer more special experiences.

John Partilla - GuggenheimAny list of NYC museums that does not mention the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim, the Met, the Museum of Natural History, and the Whitney stands egregiously incomplete. These are the institutions of the city, each offering more than can be seen in a single day of exploration. The permanent collection at the Met rivals that of the major museums across the Atlantic. If traditional art is not of interest to you, take a visit the MOMA, which offers a collection of modern art that experts consider to be the best on the planet. The Guggenheim, depending on they season or year, offers intriguing exhibitions. However, it is Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural design that places this museum in the upper echelon. If you are in the New York City area for an extended period of time, you should make a point to visit each. Any travel book, Wikipedia page, or internet forum can tell you that.

However, some of the lower profile museums such as the Frick Collection, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and the New York Transit Museum are overlooked by millions of tourists and residents each year. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum takes visitors back in time. This five-story building was home to upwards of 5,000 different immigrants from the 1860’s to the 1930’s. Experts have meticulously restored each room to resemble what it looked during this epoch. Visitors can take tours of the rooms, the business that were located within the building including a German saloon. The staff even wears garbs of this era and plays the roles of the one-time residents.

The Frick Collection originally belonged to New York City’s Henry Frick, who amassed a great fortune as a business partner of Andrew Carnegie. You will find artwork from Francisco Goya, Francois Boucher, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer and more in the elegant Upper East Side estate. America’s only museum entirely devoted to public transportation, the New York Transit Museum offers a truly unique experience. If you are tired of looking at paintings on the wall, come here to explore the antique subway cars and other old MTA memorabilia.