5 Tastiest Eateries Near the High Line

5 Tastiest Eateries Near the High Line (1)


Built on a former train track, the High Line is brimming with history and intrigue. What’s more, it’s a lovely place to take in the scenic views of New York City. If you look at the High Line’s event schedule you’ll see that there are a number of activities one can do there, from stargazing to engaging in Latin dance parties to watching opera performances. But aside from all of the cultural experiences, you shouldn’t visit the High Line without grabbing a bite to eat. There are a number of fantastic eateries right downstairs from the High Line and on the High Line itself. Here are a few eateries along the High Line that you’ll want to try.


1. Bubby’s High Line

Bubby’s High Line is the ideal place to go for brunch. It is known for its delectable blueberry sourdough pancakes and its delicious biscuits. The best aspect of brunch at Bubby’s is that it lasts until 4 pm. Customers also recommend the fried chicken. Bubby’s is also known for their pies, so make sure you order some exquisite pie at the end of your meal. You won’t regret it!


2. High Street on Hudson

This West Village eatery is not your average sandwich shop. High Street makes sure to offer top notch bread and works equally hard to make sure the contents of the sandwiches are of the highest quality. The open kitchen with bread ovens draws many customers from far and wide in order to try the exquisite sandwiches with their delicious spreads and meats. For dinner, composed dishes featuring local produce are served. No matter what time of day it is, High Street on Hudson is truly impeccable.


3. Gansevoort Market

If you’re on the High Line and looking for a market, all you’ll need to do is walk downstairs to the Gansevoort Market on West 14th. This market has a variety of restaurants to try. Ed’s Lobster Bar serves incredible seafood-based quick eats such as a shrimp roll and a lobster BLT. If sushi is what you’re after, head to Sushi Dojo. If it’s been a hot day up on the High Line, try a refreshing smoothie from FeelFood. For dessert, head to the Doughnut Project or Big Gay Ice Cream for some sweet treats.


4. Melt Bakery

While we’re talking about desserts, we can’t leave out Melt Bakery, which serves incredible ice cream sandwiches. And you won’t even need to go downstairs because Melt Bakery is located on the High Line itself. Whether you want to go for Melt’s original flavor with vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip walnut cookies or you’re looking for the iconic Lovelet, a sandwich with cream cheese ice cream between red velvet melt cakes, Melt Bakery will have something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


5. Chelsea Market

Gansevoort Market isn’t the only market on the High Line. The Chelsea Market is also a must-visit. If you want to immerse yourself in a world of culinary goodness, Chelsea Market is the place to go. If you’re craving hummus, head to Dizengoff. If you’re looking for some unique wine, head to Corkbuzz. And let’s not forget Los Tacos No. 1 with its extraordinary tacos and quesadillas.


The High Line and the surrounding areas are home to some of the best eats in New York City. Even if you’re not visiting the High Line, these places are well worth the visit.